Need Machine Work?

Now have your Engine and Cylinder Head Machine Work performed by us, in-house; this will ensure reasonable lead times within our control and also ensure your engine is set up properly and machined correctly the first time. Check out our pricing below.

*Bore/Hone shown demonstrating operation on scrap block,
ALL Bore/Hone jobs are done utilizing TORQUE PLATES.


Cylinder Head Hot Tank Pressure Cleaning (per Head)


Cylinder Head 4 Stage Clean with Soda Blast.


Cylinder Head Valve Cut (per Valve)


Cylinder Head Seat Grind (per Seat)


Cylinder Head Resurfacing 4/6/8 Cylinder (per Head)


Cylinder Head Valve Guide Replace (per Guide)


Cylinder Head Guide Replace Bronze (per Guide)


Cylinder Head Valve Seat Replacement (per Seat)


Engine Block Hot Tank Pressure Cleaning


Engine Block Bake and Blast Cleaning


Engine Block Bore/Hone with Torque Plate (per Cylinder)


Engine Block Resurface Inline 4 Cylinder and Inline 6 Cylinder


Engine Block Resurface V6 / V8 V Block


Recondition Rods (per Rod)


Hang Press Fit Pistons (per Rod / Piston)


Polish Crank 4 Cylinder


Polish Crank 6 / 8 Cylinder


Cut Crank 4 Cylinder


Cut Crank 6 / 8 Cylinder


Balance Crankshaft 4 / 6 / 8 Cylinder


Balance Pistons and Rods (per Cylinder)


Engine Block Align Hone 4 / 6 / 8 Cylinder (Stock Mains)


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