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LS-Series 6.2L Assembled Long-Block

LS-Series 6.2L Assembled Long-Block

Some more info about the LS-Series 6.2L Assembled Long-Block

Our LS-Series 6.2L Long-Blocks start off with a brand new GM Aluminum LS3 6.2 block or a 6.2 Aluminum LSA block with piston oil squirters for an additional cost. The bottom end consists of an OEM GM 3.622” stroke crankshaft, Callies Compstar 6.125” H-Beam rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts, 4.070” Diamond Racing Pistons, King Racing XP-Series bearings, and OEM GM main bolts.

Included in the base price is your choice of brand new set of LS3 or LSA cylinder heads. The LS3 cylinder heads feature a lightweight stainless hollow stem intake valve, a solid stainless exhaust valve, and are cast from a 319-T5 aluminum. The LSA heads are a different casting than the LS3 heads that has more material, are cast from a 356-T6 aluminum, and are rotocast making them stronger and more suited for high boost applications. The LSA heads have solid stainless intake and exhaust valves.

All cylinder heads come standard with dual valve springs rated up to .660” of lift. Chromoly pushrods and Chromoly Steel retainers come standard with Titanium retainers available as an upgrade. Your choice of any Brian Tooley Racing or Texas Speed cam are available which cover a wide variety of setups. Custom cam options are available if needed.

Give us a call anytime, and we will be more than happy to put you in a setup that’s right for you! If you place an order online one of our specialists will call you to discuss your goals before starting assembly of your engine. All engines ship via truck freight, so if are purchasing online shipping costs may not be accurate! We will contact you with a shipping cost after your order has been placed. All prices listed do not include the applicable shipping costs!


Standard Equipment

- GM LS3 Aluminum 6.2 Block

- GM LS3 Heads

- BTR or TSP Cam

- Dual Valve Springs with Chromoly Retainers

- Hardened Chromoly Pushrods

- GM LS3 MLS Headgaskets

- LS7 Lifters and Trays

- Diamond Racing Pistons

- Callies Compstar H-Beam Rods

- GM 3.622" Stroke Crankshaft

- New Oil Galley Plugs and Freeze Plugs

- Melling High Pressure Oil Pump

- GM Headbolts

- GM Main Bolts

- GM HD Timing Chain

- GM Cam Gear

- GM Crank Gear

- GM Chain Dampner

- GM Cam retainer plate

- King XP-Series Rod bearings

- King XP-Series Main Bearings

- OE Cam Bearings